Character Winter Holiday IV

Available: 6--2023
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(1) 2
cc13120106-01 Blue
Elf Chibi
cc23130119-02 Green
A Christmas Story Chibi
cc23140120-02 Green
Christmas Vacation Chibi
cc23150115-01 Red
Frosty Chibi
cc23170218-01 Blue
Looney Tunes
cc23600220-01 Red
Scooby Doo
cc23700566-01 Green
Scooby Doo
cc23700567-05 White
Harry Potter
cc23800895-01 Navy
Harry Potter
cc23800897-04 Cream
Star Wars
cc73011380-03 Green
Star Wars
cc73011381-03 Red
Star Wars
cc73011388-04 Navy
Star Wars
cc73800406-01 Multi
Star Wars
cc73800410-02 Light Green
Lilo & Stitch
cc85240308-01 Peach
(1) 2
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